Our custom-made training facility has been designed and built by industry leaders to mimic real-world workplace environments. With numerous hatches in various sizes, locations, and heights, training opportunities are endless. Our custom-built facility also allows us to set up our own on-site high lines and reeve lines.

Our training classroom has everything it needs to support students in their learning, including custom-built ceiling anchors for practising various anchoring and rigging systems before heading out to our training facility. Although we provide lunches, we do have a full kitchen for those wishing to bring their own food and drinks.

SUMMIT RESCUE continually invests in gear and equipment. With endless options available, we understand not every workplace will use the same gear, so we want to provide students with the opportunity to get hands-on experience with as much equipment as possible.

Contact us for more information:

Phone: 250-812-8030
Email: shawniganfire@shaw.ca